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A bit of the story! 

The InnerGetics Centre, together with Heart&Sole services, aim to provide individuals with the necessary tools to lead a healthy, fruitful and independant life here on Earth.

Wherever we are, this Place we call home offers much wisdom and magic for the trained hearts; in this environment The InnerGetics Centre offers body, mind and spirit care services and products, which stimulate and engage the body’s self-regulation and healing capabilities. We are dedicated to YOUR life journey, from the inside to the outside.


The premise to the existence of the InnergGetics Centre and Heart&Sole by Alx and the treatments offered is the acknowledgment of the vital importance of energy flow; we believe airing the body and mind, facilitating proper flow and circulation of the body’s different systems, circulatory, lymphatic or energetic is salutary, induces a sense of general well-being, while it optimises health.


On the other hand, stagnation and blockages mean decay and eventually death, or the end of a cycle. Stress and anxiety, pollution, negative emotions are but a few of today’s ills, which ruin our health as they also negate our beings the enjoyment of our true purposes.

All those factors, whether intangible like anxiety and negative emotions, or more visible like the accumulation of heavy metal concentration from pollution in our bodies, do materialize in ourselves in the form of toxins. Our bodies being saturated with those pollutants, they need a little help to function with more ease, and less dis-ease.


What we offer at the Innergetics Centre and Heart&Sole is an array of alternative therapies aimed at facilitating the body’s evacuation of toxins, and encouraging regeneration thus promoting a sense of general well-being, relaxation and better health.


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'You have a being unique and individual, incomparable,

 it has never been before, it will never be again, 

only you have it. Celebrate it!' 


Discover our Services & their Benefits



What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a manual therapy that aims to engage the auto-regulation functions of the body. It is practised by exerting pressure on certain zones or reflex points located on the feet that correspond to specific organs or organic functions.

Reflexology helps the body find equilibrium by creating conditions favourable to auto-healing.

By re-balancing our functions, we are able to evacuate the stress our daily lives occasion. We are better prepared to transpose the external constraints (bad nutrition, pollution…) as well as internal ones (negative emotions like anger, fear, jealousy, impatience, dwelling on dark thoughts…) and accept life’s ups and downs with more quietude.

Reflexology is adapted to all, children and adults alike, who have as common denominator the only will to assist their body and help in restoring the optimal use of its functions; and this at their own pace : one day/one session at a time.


Reflexology improves the circulation of vital energy. It assists the body by boosting its respiratory, circulatory, digestive, renal, immune, and hormonal functions, allowing for the re-balancing of a body organ, system, or part.

It is a technique used in health maintenance as well as prevention

Reflexology helps the body in:


Fighting against stress/burnout/anxiety; insomnia/chronic fatigue or over drive; respiratory troubles; blood or lymph circulatory problems; the effects of a poor diet, which lead to weight problems and allergies… 

Relieving pain from muscular or articular origin

Detoxifying thus liberating the organic functions of accumulated toxic waste. 

Reflexology is also used for Relaxation for its usually-felt effects on general well-being.


3 to 10 sessions, at a rate of about once/week is usually enough to receive the benefits sought to relieve one’s condition. After those initial sessions, to maintain a good energetic balance, and according to one’s needs & feelings, it is recommended to have monthly follow-up sessions.


What is Amma Massage?

Acupressure techniques along the body’s meridians,  muscles and articulations that aim at eliminating energetic blocages, and serve as a prevention method or to maintain a good health. 


Amma massages allow the body to evacuate physical and mental blocks, as it re-establishes equilibrium in the different zones and body parts. On a mental and psychic level, Amma massages help with feelings of calm and well-being, which boosts concentration.

By restoring balance to the body’s energy channels, Amma massages promote healthful energy flow in the widest possible clientele


Include but not limited to fractures, trauma and inflammation of the foot, cardiac and circulatory troubles like uncontrolled hypertension, phlebitis and thrombosis.


I was trained in Chinese reflexology and Amma Massage in Paris; certified in Advanced Reflexology Clinical Skills by the Pacific Institute of Reflexology in Vancouver; followed the basic and advanced courses in Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) by Lynn Booth, and a training seminar in Advanced Reflexology Technique (ART) by Tony Porter.


Rise & shine! As we get up in the morning and get ready for our day, the first toxic intruders have already crept in: no need to step further than yesterday’s lot of accumulated toxins! Yet as we welcome a new day, it all starts again; from the shower as we bathe and shampoo our hair,  through to grooming routines with lotion and make-up, then on to the day stuck in traffic with air and noise pollution,… quick stop for lunch, did anyone say tuna sandwich?? 

Most of us are over-exposed to synthetics chemicals, the not-so-good canned goods and processed foods, heavy metals, other physical and magnetic environmental toxins, which accumulate in our bodies without finding the exit way.

When it happens our body functions become less responsive; the lymphatic system gets overloaded, unable to perform its role as “garbage collector”; the cells that rely on the lymphatic system for elimination get sluggish and fill with their own waste, burdening the lymphatic system even more… imagine your curb with no garbage pick-up, how long does it take to get filled and actually become a real inconvenience? The result is no-less dramatic in our bodies, and leads to many health issues, as it impairs body functions.


Our Detox services are dedicated to facilitating the detoxifying and elimination process in the body.

The studio is complete with a full bathroom for your comfort.

Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared sauna is an alternative method of stimulating the body’s functions, and, through sweat, helps eliminate the toxinsaccumulated in the body.

What is FIR energy?

Traditional saunas warm the air around the body, while the FIR rays - just like the energy we receive from the sunlight - warm the directly using direct light conversion.

FIR energy is no foreign radiation though, as it­ is also emitted by our body. Clinical research shows energy radiating from a Qi Gong master practitioner's hand is a form of FIR energy; and in the same way as we would with sunlight, we may feel and experience FIR as a soothing, deep-warming radiant energy.

Infrared waves are invisible to the naked eye, as they appear just after the ultraviolet radiations, which are the sun ray parts that burn and damage our skin, and the visible light segment. They are capable of penetrating deep into the human body, as deep as 3’’, where they gently elevate the body's surface temperature and activate major bodily functions; with results that may be as followsimproving blood circulation, stimulating endorphins, lowering lactic acid, killing certain bacteria and parasites, and burning calories -FIR-Beneficial heat for tissue regeneration! 

Inside-out Benefits: 

Provides important Detoxification

FIR sauna is thought to be a lot more effective at detoxifying heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium; cholesterol, nicotine, alcohol, ammonia, sulfuric acid and other environmental toxins. The sweat from being in FIR saunas contains more toxins than the sweat from ordinary saunas, because the radiant, penetrating FIR rays are able to heat the body tissue from below the skin where the toxins are stored inside fatty deposits.

FIR energy helps dissolve these fatty tissues and remove the fat soluble toxins, so that they can be removed via the skin.

‘In a study performed by American researchers, the sweat of people using a conventional sauna was found to be 95 to 97% water while the sweat of those using an Infrared Sauna was 80 to 85% water. The non-water portion mainly included cholesterol (fat), fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals (such as mercury and aluminum), sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia, uric acid, pesticide residues, PCB's, petroleum-based toxins, chloride and fluoride. This unusually high concentration of heavy metals and other fat-soluble toxins was not found in the sweat from normal exercise either.’

Improved cardiovascular system

Eased joint pain and other tension

Relaxed muscles and increased flexibility

Increased level of oxygen in the cells

Improved blood quality and circulation

FIR heat will help expand the blood vessels thus increasing circulation, which allows more oxygen to reach injured areas in the body and participates in speeding the healing process.

Strengthened immune system

Improved skin texture through deep cleansing

Assisted weight loss as it improves muscle tone and strength; a great ally in burning calories, and removing cellulite. A single 30min sauna session burns as many calories as intense workout like running for over 1hr.



Take this time for you, and let your Self be guided to the realm of your Senses.

Disclaimer: while they perfectly complement an allopathic approach to health care, reflexology, Amma massage, IR Sauna and Footspa are in no way complete substitutes to medical treatments and/or a visit at your General Practitioner's office.  

The Ancients' Guide to Life

As a road to Grace, a pure evolving way to Re-Connect.



What is Yoga ?
It is a multi-layered tradition, encompassing many streams of philosophy and practice; a way of life describing the techniques to be used for the intensification of our physical, and mental capacities, which leads to the integration of our Selves to allow a deep experience of Life on Earth so to achieve what I would call spirituality. 

The union of body & mind
          union of the opposites, 
                    masculine and feminine
                              dark and light.

The materialization of opposites is the basis upon which our lives (as we know it) are created. 

The path of yoga brings the practitioner one step closer to understanding the nature of opposites,  and the way to integrate them; as it honours the qualities of beingnon-being and changeinherent to all persons, animals, things, concepts in the universe.

So what windows of awareness can be opened and can we tap into as we live the Tao?

I will let you ponder these yourself; though what I wish to add:

Yoga can be a wonderful tool to bring awareness in the way you operate, think, live. 

Yoga brings conscious awareness, linking the body and mind in more ways than one.

Growth and healing can only take place with true awareness - of what IS.

Awareness grows as we are willing to shed lights on those parts of ourselves that we keep in the recess of our minds. 

But as the mind will function solely through a physical body, the body, by definition, is the sole host and vehicle to experience Life here on Earth. So what your mind creates, the vehicle will em-body.

Your thoughts are fleeting impressions, they do not define you or control you; but they will materialize. So let us use carefully the emotions and thoughts that go on in our daily life - dwelling on the past and future creates real events in our minds, real emotions in our bodies, though that have nothing to do with the present moment.

Being aware of this tendency we have not to live in the present moment, may be the first step towards growth and healing.